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Delivering versatile, effortlessly gorgeous hairstyles, color and style to each and every guest is our specialty. Our partnerships with industry innovators allow us to continually seek out advanced training, and this gives us the opportunity to master the latest techniques and eco-friendly product lines. Paired with our extensive consultations, our artists have the knowledge and experience to create the custom look you desire.

Please note that pricing varies depending on your stylist’s level.  Pricing does vary depending on the quantity of color used.  We are happy to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Hair Cuts & StylesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Women's Hair Cut & Style$45$49$53$58$63$68
Men's Hair Cut$32$36$40$44$48$53
Child's Hair Cut (under 12)$32$36$40$44$48$53
Curly Cut Technique+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22
Bang/Beard Trim$10$10$10$10$10$10
Length & Thickness or Detangling / Curl Lesson$15$15$15$15$15$15
Shampoo & Blow Dry$33$37$41$46$51$51
Detangling (20 mins+)$33$37$41$46$51$51
Conditioning Service$12$12$12$12$12$12
Straightening / Curling$20$20$20$20$20$20
Ph Bonder$20$20$20$20$20$20
Additional Ph Bonder+$10+$10+$10+$10+$10+$10
*Special Occasion Style$45$50$55$60$65$65

*This is a formal style for a special event.  This service does not include a shampoo blow-dry.  Please come to this appointment with clean dry hair.  If you would like to have your hair styled with heat tools, such as straightening/curling, please request at the time of booking.  An Additional cost will be added to service price.

ColorLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Single Process Color (up to 4oz max.)$65$69$73$78$83$88
Gloss w/ Color Service$40$40$40$40$40$40
Technique Upgrade (ombre, balayage, & color correction)+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22
Full Highlights (4oz)$75$79$83$87$91$95
Partial Highlights (2.5 oz)$65$69$73$77$81$85
Per Foil (1oz)$6$7$7$8$8$9
Bleach Root Touch Up$68$73$78$83$88$88
INOA Upgrade+$15+$15+$15+$15+$15+$15
Additional Lightener+$15+$15+$15+$15+$15+$15
Camo Color$40$40$40$40$40$40
Additional Color (up to 2.5 oz)+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22+$22

PermsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Full Perm (31+)$75$79$83$87$91$95

Make UpLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Application (1/2 hour)$45$45$45$45$45$45

WaxingLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4ALevel 4AA
Eyebrow Wax/ Tint$14$14$14$14$14$14
Lash Tint$20$20$20$20$20$20
Full Face$29$29$29$29$29$29
Underarm Wax$24$24$24$24$24$24